How to Make Your Rug Really Style the Room Together

In a busy home, your new rug can easily get lost. By this, I mean that this beautiful centrepiece that you have bought to really draw attention, can fail to do so very easily. There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the positioning isn’t quite right, or the shape of the room doesn’t perfectly lend itself to that particular shape or position. Of course, light is another factor, as well as proximity to other brightly-coloured, large or eye-catching features of the room. There is also the fact that a rug becomes part of your floor, which needs careful planning either if you intend for it to be completely on show, or you are planning to place things on top of it. Here are a few simple tips to ensuring that your new investment – because that’s what a beautiful rug really is – stands out and gets the attention it deserves!

1) Colour

There are two schools of thought here. You either need to factor the colour scheme of the room in to your choice of rug, and choose one to complement the other, which will help include your new rug in the overall picture of the room. Or, be a bit more daring and pick a colour of rug that is discernibly different, thereby drawing attention because it stands out. Obviously, you aren’t going to pick clashing colours necessarily, but this could include blues or reds with black, for example.

2) Surroundings

To stand out, your rug will need to have some space around it. If you place it in the shadow of your tallest bookcase, it will inevitably be absorbed by the size of the furniture around it. Consider placing your rug near the shortest pieces of furniture in your room. Or, if you have a larger room, try and give it at least a foot of space all around.

3) Eye Line

Of course, you can always draw extra attention to your rug by using other eye-catching objects in conjunction with it. A lot of people buy rugs to stand other items of furniture on. Coffee tables are a strong choice, as they are often placed in the centre point of the room. Glass-topped coffee tables are an especially good choice, as they allow for a full view of the rug through the glass surface. You might also consider floor-standing house plants either on one corner, or in close proximity. Plant life naturally captures attention, so you then have a captive audience ready to enjoy the rug too.


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