Reindeer Hides- We Answer All Of Your Questions

Reindeer skins are without doubt the most popular and best-selling hide ordered by our loyal worldwide audience at The Nordic Hide Collection.  With their soft, sumptuous hair the feeling of warmth and texture is unlike any other other of our hides available including our range of sheepskins throws. Features Of The Nordic Reindeer Hide Available in … Read more

Tips for Scandinavian and Nordic Home Styling

Tips for Scandinavian and Nordic Home Styling

Nordic design includes a blend of styles. This interior style creates spaces filled with light, using natural features, neutral shading with neat angles and a super tidy finish. The Scandi Trend In recent years we have seen a huge increase in Scandinavian style, when early designers started to introduce unique statement pieces such as Cowhide … Read more

Ten Ways How To Use Your Sheepskin Rug

Ten Ways How To Use Your Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rugs are by far our absolute favourite and of course best selling items here at Nordic Hides And Skins. We love them, our Interior designer guys that we work love them and more importantly so do all of our customers. Amongst our collection we have so many wonderful colours from the classic Ivory sheepskin … Read more

Ethically Sourced Animal Hides


Where Do The Animal Hides Come From Each one of our Animal Hides or Skins are ethically sourced from different corners of the globe. Nordic Hides And Skins are very conscious of ensuring all of our products are responsibly farmed and are a bi-product of the meat industry only. Our premium quality Cowhides are sourced … Read more

Caring for your Animal Hides

Caring for your hides

Its is vitally important to care for your Animal Hide correctly to ensure they remain looking immaculate. Each Animal Hide is treated differently so please follow our simple tips to keep them looking clean and fresh. Cowhides Cowhides are very durable provided they are cared for. Ideally a Cowhide will be placed in an area … Read more