Caring for your Animal Hides

Its is vitally important to care for your Animal Hide correctly to ensure they remain looking immaculate. Each Animal Hide is treated differently so please follow our simple tips to keep them looking clean and fresh.


Cowhides are very durable provided they are cared for. Ideally a Cowhide will be placed in an area where only a moderate amount of walking overwill occur i.e. avoiding doorways.

To maintain the glossy shine a shake outside is a good start, followed by a very gentle hoover going in the same direction as the hair using the nozzle le of the vacum. If a spillage occurs try to wipe its clean as soon as possible with a damp cloth. Detergents are not recommended but if you really feel the need to use acleaning substance please try and use one that is suit able for wool and Definitely do not put your Cowhide in a washing machine, submerge in water, tumble dry or have it dry cleaned. Please also avoid direct sunlight as this will inevitably cause fading.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Each Reindeer Reindeer hide there will almost always be some shedding which is a natural process for the Reindeer. When brought inside a houset he Rug will shed within the first couple of weeks as it acclimatises, this will soon become far less evident. Because ofthis we strongly advise that the rugs are not placed in direct sunlight or on under floor heating.

To clean, just a simple, careful shake outside every couple of weeks will be sufficient to keep the hides soft and dense. It may be tempting- butplease do not vacuum . Any spillages hould be wiped away as soon as possible with a slightly damp cloth and left to dry naturally. A solid mess is better to be left to dry and brushed out.

If left outside, please then leave to dry outside in natural daylight on the ground- which will restore the hide back to it original soft, dense original state.

New Zealand Sheepskin Rugs

The classic Sheepskin Rugs are long lasting and durable . Some people would say they are machine washable, in our opinion we recommend not machine washing. If you really feel you must wash the rug it is crucial that this is done on alow temperature and with a detergent suitable for wool. Please be aware that eventually after severalwashes the sheepskin will start to look slightly worn and the texture of the wool will change. To dry the sheepskin,please leave it on a flat surface or on a washing line and dry from damp-although not in direct sunlight. Not suitablefor tumble dryers or dry cleaning.

Tibetan Lambskins

A simple shake orvery careful wipe with a cloth that is just slightly damp are the only two cleaning requirements for these very delicate skins. Not machine washable or to be used in tumblerdryer. Please do not leave near aradiator or in direct sun light.

Goat skins

Please do not wash, dry clean or tumble dry.  Wet spillages should wiped with a cloth and mild detergent. Please leave to dry outside. You will see some shedding which should be removed by gently shaking outside each week.