Cowhide Rugs

Each Cowhide Rug from the Nordic Hides And Skins Collection has been hand selected from Brazil and are of the finest, premium, Grade A quality.

Each of our hides will feature its own individual, unique markings and a notable glossy finish due to the grass rich diet of the Cattle in South America.  The hides themselves are a by-product of the meat industry and have been ethically sourced from responsible farms.

These soft, luxurious, thick-skinned Cowhides Rugs are high fashion items for the home and can add a true sense of effortless style to your home.

Each skin will differ with its size and shape as the hides are an entirely natural product giving each rug its unique beauty.

The premium quality and the thick, supple skin of our Cowhides have been Chromium Tanned to ensure they are hard wearing, durable and will last for many years- please see our Caring for Your Animal Skins for Guidance.


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