Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs

Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs and Throws are the Ultimate in Nordic Interior Style used to create a beautiful outdoor feel inside your home.  The rugs are made from luxurious, soft, thick wool with a silk leather backing.  The wool length is a minimum of 70mm to provide the most amazing sense of warmth and texture to your room or outside area.

Icelandic Sheep have been bred for thousands of years in the Nordic Region of Iceland, their thick long wool helps the sheep survive the harsh conditions.

Icelandic rugs are available in their natural form which is untreated and retain their original colours and markings.  Available in Ivory White, Brown, Black as well as dyed tones for a more contemporary style including Nordic Grey, Aqua Blue and Burgundy.

The size of a Single Skin is (W) 75cm x (L)115cm.

For Cleaning please see our Caring for Your Animal Skins for Guidance.

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