Nordic Reindeer Hide Rugs

True Nordic Style Reindeer Hides sourced from Finland.  As a decorative piece for the home Nordic Hides And Skins have a number of spectacular high quality, premium hides for you to select each with their own individual markings, shades, shape and size.

Typically most Reindeer Hide Rugs will feature an exquisite blend of Silver, White, Beige and Brown shades which will suit both contemporary, modern or traditional style.

We have sourced a selection of Rare Breed light-toned White Reindeer Hide Rugs which are limited in availability.

Reindeer herding has been practiced for thousands of years across the Nordic Regions and has been used to provide meat and milk for the Sami People.  The hides of the Reindeer are merely a by-product of what has been practiced since the 1700’s providing the only source of income for many of the Nomadic communities.