Outdoor Sheepskins Camping/ Motor Homes/ Caravans/ Camping

Nordic Hides And Skins have just introduced a new range of XXL short wool sheepskin rugs/ throws that are perfect for all outdoor living purposes.  They are a “must have” accessory for regular Campers and festival goers to add warmth and comfort to your trip.

Many of our customers use our XXL Sheepskins to be draped over furniture in Camper vans, Motor homes and for outdoor chairs for true outdoor living.

Sheepskins are used to add both warmth and comfort in Camper Vans and Caravans they are also very useful for hot temperatures as the natural properties of the wool regulate body temperature to keep cool.

The throws are also washable to ensure you have many years use out of these multipurpose Sheepskins.

Each sheepskin measures 110cm x 80cm

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