Wild Breed Rugs

Add a wow factor with one of Wild Breed skins- very few are sold compared to the more traditional Hides so be the first to own one.

The Blesbok is South African Antelope that are found in huge numbers that roam freely in open grassland.  Blesbok hides typically feature an array of dark and light tones of brown with a white belly and are ideal for smaller rooms.  Compared to Cowhides,  Blesboks are inexpensive and offer great value.

Similar to the Blesbok, the Springbok is a more graceful Antelope from South Africa with striking marks of brown tan and white.

Our Goat Skins are taken from the tough, long-haired goats of Mongolia.  They are becoming very popular for use as a neat compact size animal hide whose silky woolen fibers make for an exceptionally durable rug.

Tibetan Lambskins are stunning delicate pieces that ooze pure class.  They are available in cool muted tones from our new Spring Collection which will bring out  a true Nordic feel to the home.  The wool from the Tibetan lamb is long, soft, curly and has an airy feel for added elegance.  Ideally these skins will be placed in areas of the house where there is little need to walk on them.  they look beautiful by the side of a bed or draped over a vintage chair.

Please see our “Caring for Your Animal Skins” for cleaning guidance.

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