Dark Toned Nordic Reindeer Hide @talltrees.and. scandidreams


  • Ethically sourced from the Finnish region, Lapland
  • Each hide measures approximately 130cm in length
  • Thick, dense and deep hair hide.
  • Each hide is hand selected for its own distinct beauty
  • The hides are Extra- large and measure approximately 130cm in length


Reindeer Hide Rugs are phenomenally popular, each hide is unique and will typically feature blended shades of white, cream, silver, grey and brown.

The texture of a Reindeer Rug is quite simply stunning- soft, dense and warm.

The hide measures approximately 130cm x 95cm (Extra Large)

Please note reindeer hides are not suitable for underfloor heating as this will cause the hide to dry out and shed.

Image credit @talltrees.and.scandidreams