Reindeer Hides- We Answer All Of Your Questions

Reindeer skins are without doubt the most popular and best-selling hide ordered by our loyal worldwide audience at The Nordic Hide Collection.  With their soft, sumptuous hair the feeling of warmth and texture is unlike any other other of our hides available including our range of sheepskins throws.

Features Of The Nordic Reindeer Hide

Available in several different shades and sizes, The Nordic Hide Collection stock a full range of these exquisite showpieces for your home. Truly unique in shade, tone and markings we personally hand select each hide from a choice of thousands. Twice-yearly we take a buying trip over to our supplier in the Finnish region of Lapland to select the hides.

How To Check For Hide Quality

It is true that the quality of reindeer skins can vary vastly. The way that we grade our hides which is later reflected in our retail price depends on a number of factors. The first and most obvious marker of quality is evidence of rips, tares and patches of short hair within the hide itself. Quite simply- these hides are discarded and not added to our stock.  A reindeer hide which features rips, tares and bald patches would be suited to outdoor use including camping. The warmth generated from the hide is the perfect addition to outdoor living in cold temperatures.  A low grade reindeer skin is not suited for on-trend Scandinavian interior styling.

The second marker of quality is the size and more importantly the shape of the hide.  The hides stocked by The Nordic Hide Collection will be symmetrical in shape and above 120cm in length.  Smaller reindeer hides are available however as a general marker of quality we only buy in hides which measure over 120cm. Please take a look at the link below which shows the full range of Nordic reindeer hides.

The third marker to lookout for when ordering your reindeer hide is beautiful tonal details and markings.  Each hide which has been hand selected will feature delicate blends of cream, taupe grey and white. The premium hides will also feature fine intricate detailed markings which occur naturally within the hide.

Its A Supply Thing!

For every hide we order- less than 1% will be Albino white.  If you are looking for a white hide- if you see one available on our website you should most certainly order the rug whilst it is still available.  Throughout the year we also hold a waiting list for these highly sought-after pieces which are the ultimate design feature for Nordic living.

If your home features cooler tones of grey and off white we also hold stock of rare breed Reindeer skins that feature stunning blends of grey, silver and white tones.  Similar to the white albino hides these are always in short supply and sell fast.

The Price!

We must then move onto the awkward conversation of price.  The Nordic Hide Collection price our hides well above the average online selling price.  The reason for our high prices are purely based on the quality of the hides we stock.  Premium quality reindeer skins are phenomenally expensive to purchase which is reflected in our retail price.  Our company is transparent in stating that our price point is based on are high cost of purchase.  We frequently get asked if we are able to “price match” with some of the less expensive online companies.  Although we all love a bargain- the answer is always unfortunately “No” as we revert to the old saying “You get what you pay for!”  how true this is when buying natural, untreated products which are so highly variable in every way.

The good news however on price is that- due to our very loyal online and social media following we frequently announce discount codes which can offer up to 15% off.  Please do follow our social media channels to lookout for these @nordichidecollection which is also a good opportunity to follow our design inspiration. Many of the well know Instagram influencer accounts which specialise in both Nordic and Scandinavian design frequently feature our grey cow skin.  You may also wish to sign up to our mailing list to receive offers and the most up to date tips on Nordic Interior design.

We hope you have enjoyed these little nuggets of information about reindeer hides. If you have any questions please do feel very welcome to email us at

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