Ten Ways How To Use Your Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rugs are by far our absolute favourite and of course best selling items here at Nordic Hides And Skins. We love them, our Interior designer guys that we work love them and more importantly so do all of our customers. Amongst our collection we have so many wonderful colours from the classic Ivory sheepskin (which every home should have at least two of these displayed somewhere!) through to black, brown, cream, pink blush, blue teal, Nordic grey, cream and our new bestseller Oyster which is a beautiful tone of dark cream with a silver undertone.

Often sold in pairs or even more so many of our customers find an absolute multitude of uses for our rugs…….so for fun we thought we would list our top ten uses for the classic Sheepskin rug! In other good news….you will be pleased to hear that it is not necessary to be a Nordic or Scandinavian Interior design expert to add a series of sheepskin rugs around your home!

There are three main types of Sheepskin Rug available- Classic wool, Short wool and Long Wool. Long wool sheepskins are sourced from Iceland and have a luxurious soft finish that look amazing draped over furniture.

Adding a Sheepskin rug will instantly make your room look and feel 100 times warmer and cosier so here are our top tips for using your Sheepskin rug!

Tip one

Drape the rug across your couch- this will add instant warmth and texture to the seating area. When choosing the colour perhaps go for a contrasting shade or play it safe with a neutral tone of cream, Ivory or taupe.

Tip two

This is a small life hack if you have children. If like us your children enjoy using your couch as a small restaurant area where drinks and snacks are spilt frequently often without confession! When that long lost friend visits this is a good opportunity to get out the Sheepskin rugs and drape across any interesting mark or stain giving your couch a whole new lease of life!

Tip three

Do you have any benches or bar stools around the house? If you wanted to “Up” your Scandinavian and Nordic design game then this is an absolute must! Draping sheepskins over benches and stools adds both comfort, warmth and most importantly style to your table area!! This is a classic Nordic and Scandi styling tip. When snooping around on pintrest you will have undoubtedly seen sheepskins draped over benches, chairs and stools.

Tip Four

Use the rugs in pairs for a layered effect. A perfect example of this is take two of our classic Scandi shades- one cream, one oyster and display them together any where from on the floor or draped across a bed.

Tip Five

Do you have pets?!! Pampered pooches and cats love a sheepskin rug. We have a short wool range of rugs known as “Shealrings” which are perfect for pets to snuggle into and which are also easy to wash. (Please remember low temperature with very mild detergent wash only!)

Tip Six 

What better way to wake up in the morning than stepping onto a warm and cosy sheepskin rug to wake those toes up on a cold morning for a lively day ahead! A perfect start to the day

Tip Seven

Our short wool sheepskin rugs are perfect for small babies to lie on as a play mat (Whilst supervised). The natural properties of the wool help regulate the bodies temperature to keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So snug and cosy for the baby to lie on whilst they have a little kick around with their many different annoying rattles and small squeaking toys!

Tip Eight

Another classic and signature use for a sheepskin rug is to use it as a throw where it can be draped across the end of a bed. This look is another simple idea to add some warmth and texture to your room. Have a snoop through our collection of colours, shapes and sizes to find the one that is right for you.

Tip Nine

Our Icelandic long wool sheepskin rugs are the ultimate in comfort , warmth, luxury and little extravagance. The long wool is exceptionally hard wearing and gives a phenomenal wow factor to the styling element of the room.

Tip Ten

To impress those long lost visitors you could use sheepskin rug as a bathmat in the guest room! This would be fine for occasional use (not really suitable for a family of five using the bath twice daily) but a great look for a guest bathroom.