Tips for Scandinavian and Nordic Home Styling

Nordic design includes a blend of styles. This interior style creates spaces filled with light, using natural features, neutral shading with neat angles and a super tidy finish.

The Scandi Trend

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in Scandinavian style, when early designers started to introduce unique statement pieces such as Cowhide rugs, Reindeer hides and the ever classic sheepskin rugs sourced from the harsh Nordic Regions. Nordic and Scandi style 20 years ago was the brain child of architects and forward thinking interior designers. Now 20 years on Scandinavian and Nordic design features are seen many homes intentional or not! Most interior publications will often feature and array of beautiful statement piece hide rugs often in neutral shades of grey, beige cream and white. Sheepskin rugs are no longer used as simple area rugs they are often displayed draped across a contemporary chair or bed for a soft and warm finish.

International influences to homes all around the world is a common and wonderful trend although it has to be said that both Scandinavian and Nordic design are by far the most popular in recent time. Our Scandinavian friends have brought us the principles of functional, simple yet beautiful and elegant style adding textures of warmth and comfort with additional hide rugs displayed all around the home.

Scandinavian style is demonstrated in a number of ways, the most well-recognised as typically Scandi. One of the best looks for us has to be the use of a warm airy coloured cowhide rug placed underneath a dining table in a light open space. Nordic homes may illustrate a different approach whereby we see a fire place in the corner of the room instead of a centre piece feature Scandi and Nordic style can feature a mix of vintage and contemporary features both with simple and clean lines that we have come to adore.

In the later part of this blog we are giving some hints and tips to recreate the most stunning Scandinavian and Nordic style of living within your home.

The narrow colour palette is invariably light and simple. White, cream and beige are usually the only colours although manages to avoid looking bare. Instead we always add in pieces to bring texture and comfort and occasionally a rogue splash of colour! A fool proof sheepskin rug is crucial to pull off a fresh, light and airy sense of living.

Nordic Style And Tone

Nordic interior features and slightly different twist as we quite often use White as a base colour with pastel shades or a clean black accent statement. An ideal room in the house to pull of this feeling will be south facing which draws in heat through out the day. Warmer neutral shades work well in a relatively cooler room which see less natural light and heat.

Our favourite shade of Nordic Grey can also be used to create calming interior- remember to add the same rules here when deciding on a cool or light tone. 

Despite all of this business of calming, warm and light tones the Scandi folk occasionally like to add splashed of colour. Probably avoid painting walls red of bright then why not add a vibrant coloured functional feature such as a cowhide rug or sheepskin rug which can really add a wow factor the room in.

Adding a beautiful piece of vibrant coloured furniture is a great idea but bare in mind the simplicity factor is paramount Scandi interiors, so avoid token photo frames and vases 

If you prefer to keep the tones neutral then play around with finishing touches to add some interest and depth with layering complement to the over effect.